LIMS Soluton LaboratoireThe stock management module contains everything you need for managing your laboratory reagents and consumables:

  • Management of consumables (quantity in stock, minimum stock, risks & dangers, location, shelf life monitoring, incoming/outgoing, etc.)
  • Management of manufactured reagents
  • Supplier management (supplier details, reference numbers for consumables, prices, etc.)
  • Storage of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Certificates of Analysis from suppliers as an attachment in dedicated fields
  • Management of test requests and validation by managers
  • Order preparation
  • Management of supplier orders and delivery tracking (full and partial)
  • Barcode label printing
  • Stock level tracking and warning (pop-up window) when a withdrawal causes the stock level to fall below the minimum
  • Warning if a product is close to its expiry date (pop-up window displayed on opening LabSolution®)
  • Stock withdrawal by manual input or using a barcode reader
  • Inventory management
  • Tender management:
    • Recording of successful tenderer (by consumable), preventing another supplier from being selected when generating orders
    • Price
    • Contract start and end date
    • Contract number
  • Statistics on laboratory product consumption (quantity consumed, reorder frequency, etc.) based on configurable lists and the relevant database requester (Crystal Reports is recommended and is supplied with LabSolution®)
  • Interface with the Solution Lab® Analysis module
    • Tracking of lot numbers by results recording, using a barcode or via manual input
    • Automatic reduction of the theoretical quantity reported on each analysis when added to the bench sheet. The actual quantities left in stock can then be adjusted

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