With its modular structure, LabSolution® offers everything you need for managing test requests and samples in your laboratory:

  • Preparation of the sampling tours
  • Tablet App for on-site data collection (in development)
  • Customisable registration screens (additional fields added by means of simple parameter settings)
  • Reception with Barcode of the samples, preregistered manually, or directly by your customers (via email or online registration screens) or by interfacing with an external application (computer-aided production management, ERP, supervision, customer application, etc.)
  • Communication with samples wireless instruments
  • Filtered lists
  • Display of fully customisable lists
  • Scheduling of samples and distribution of the work (assignment of samples on worksheets)
  • Subcontracting management (automated communication with your usual subcontractors)
  • Recording of the results, by sample or by worksheet
  • Calculation formulas, both simple and complex
  • Communication with your instruments (one or two-way communication): sending the list of samples and automatic data collection, to avoid the time-consuming, error-prone rekeying of data
  • Multi-level validation of results by technicians and department heads
  • Automated output of test reports based on predefined, fully customisable templates (using Crystal Reports®)
  • Electronic document signature
  • Display of the results on a Web portal (secure intranet or fully accessible extranet)
  • Statistics
  • Dashboards
  • Addition of customised treatments via an internal macro-language
  • Simple input/output interfacing
  • Full traceability, in accordance with the standards ISO EN CEI 17025 / LAB-GTA-09 / 21CFR Part11
  • Management of user profiles and access rights
  • Management of technician qualifications
  • Third-party management
  • Pricing and invoicing management
  • Invoice collection management
  • Inventory management of reagents, with traceability of reagents used for analyses
  • Instruments management (metrology), with traceability of instruments used for analyses
  • Standard interfaces
  • Custom interfaces developed using the internal macro-language

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