LIMS Solution LaboratoireLabSolution® is a modular system which grows with you at your own pace as you roll out the LIMS in your laboratory:

  • The core product, covering the entire sample lifecycle from registration to sending out reports (hard copy + email), includes the following key elements to help you tailor the system to your individual needs:
    • Management of control plans and analysis menus
    • Management of control samples and associated control charts
    • Management of sampling plans
    • Advanced graphical customisation tools
    • Tools for controlling laboratory operations and customisable dashboards
    • An integrated communication language which can communicate with all the instruments available on the market, with your other IT applications (production management, industrial supervision, ERP, accounting, private or public financial management, etc.) and with your customers and subcontractors (electronic file exchange via email or webservices)
    • Advanced customisation tools allowing you to fine-tune the system to your needs and to the industrial constraints associated with your internal sample management processes and the organisation of your laboratory
  • Pricing and invoicing management module
  • Quotation and opportunity management module (currently being redesigned)
  • Other optional modules to meet your needs:


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