LIMS Solution LaboratoireThe instrument management module helps you monitor the maintenance and inspection of your instruments. It offers the following functions:

  • Instrument data (description, purchase date, reference number, other details)
  • Operator management
  • Maintenance sheet management
  • Instrument service record
  • Service schedule management (preventive maintenance)
  • Interface with the Analysis module
    • Tracking of instruments used by results recording, using a barcode or via manual input
    • Non-compliance validation of results from out-of-service instruments

Viewing instrument data

You can view the full details of an instrument:

  • The instrument’s service record
  • A log of work done
  • The maintenance schedule
  • Other details via additional fields configured on the instrument record and job sheets

You can also keep a record of when an instrument is taken out of service. A fault log is maintained in the system.

Warnings and exemptions

A warning is sent out automatically when work is required on an instrument:

  • Maintenance work, recalibration
  • Replacement of control cards

An authorised manager can grant an exemption to enable an instrument to remain in use despite pending maintenance. An exemption is temporary. A record is kept of all exemptions.

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