LiMSEO presents SolnGo®, the tablet application designed for the management of sample collections and on-site data and analysis results acquisition. This application is an extension of your LIMS, including the LabSolution® software package.

SolnGo(R)With its user friendly interface and the high standards used for its development, the application offers features that make the daily life of your sample collectors easier. It helps laboratories improve their productivity and increase the traceability of sampling operations in accordance with your accreditation requirements, while improving and facilitating the daily tasks of the sample collectors.

Thanks to SolnGo®, samplers can view their tours, the list of samples to be collected and the equipments and sample containers they need to prepare before setting off. This will help them save time at every stage of the sample collection process and avoid the laborious and error-prone reencoding when back at the laboratory.

Sampling and carrying out on-site measurements, at your customers premises, in raw material / finished products storage areas before reception / shipment / export, or directly on the production lines, requires well-oiled logistics and requires an organization that is sometimes difficult to maintain due to the conditions under which operations are carried out.

Operators have to carry with them the list of sites to visit, keep a record on their paper files of on-site measurements and information provided by their contacts, and requests for sampling and laboratory analyses not scheduled prior to setting off. When back to the lab, after repeated handling of those files in sometimes hostile conditions (rain, mud, wind…), they have to encode all the collected data into their LIMS or Excel files, before preparing the paperwork for the next day’s tour.

SolnGo® simplifies the day-to-day management of all of these tasks and helps your sample collectors save up to 1:30 daily, allowing a fast return on investment.

This application works on professional touch pad / tablets under Windows 10.

In summary, the application SolnGo® allows the sample collectors to perform their daily tasks more easily and faster thanks to its outstanding performance features:

  • import sampling tours created in your LIMS
  • visualization of the number of samples to be taken, by type and by site, and presentation of equipments and containers to be carried for the tour
  • geolocation of sampling points on an interactive map
  • dynamic input forms dedicated to each situation encountered (data entry depending on the type of sample to be taken and customer requirements), accessible in 1 click from the map
  • creation of samples not planned for the tour or last minute, directly on the tablet
  • synchronization of data with your LIMS when back to the lab or submitting samples to the carrier, using the webservices provided with the application, avoiding re-encoding and reducing the administrative workload and the stress associated with the risk of data entry errors and forgetfulness

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